Running Skywire on Alpine Linux 3.7 using Hyper-V

Following Skywire instruction from offical github repository:

Download virtual iso image Alpine Version 3.7.0 from:

How To on YouTube

Set up Hyper-V virtual machine (this is the same as for CentOS Hyper-V)

Alpine 3.7

Get system IP address


Add additional user

adduser mitjag

Uncomment repositories

vi /etc/apk/repositories
cat /etc/apk/repositories

Edit sshd config as needed

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
service sshd restart

Install packages from repository

apk add go
apk add git
apk add musl-dev

Set environment paths

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export GOBIN=$HOME/go/bin

Install Skywire

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone

cd $GOPATH/src/
go install ./...

cd $GOPATH/bin
./manager -web-dir ${GOPATH}/src/

cd $GOPATH/bin
./node -connect-manager -manager-address :5998 -manager-web :8000 -discovery-address -address :5000 -web-port :6001